Thank you for your interest in LookiAds. We believe our Live Video Communication can change your Internet Business.

Looki offers two types of Ads -
  1. Search Result Ads, which are related to Keywords. Ads appear above the Search Results page and are called Looki Promos.
  2. Button Ads, are mini display ads that are also related to keywords. These ads appear below the Search Results Page.
Looki Promos have the same appearance as a Search Result. Both of our Ad Styles have the Live Video Connector Icon in the ad, so users can be connected Live to the Advertiser.

Ads can contain a 20 second video and 150 characters of text. Users can play "See Video" or they can connect to the advertiser's website by clicking on the text line.

In the above example, we have searched for "HDTV's." When an ad is rolled over, the ad displays in yellow (different from the blue color of the search results).

The Search Results will have "HDTV" in the text because that is the Search word in this example.

In addition to Looki Ads, advertisers can set up their own Looki page and post Lookis of new products, specials, answers to questions, etc.

Looki Ads allow businesses and organizations to reach a wider group of users.

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